Business Security

Have you ever seen a local business post a picture on the internet looking for a subject that is wanted by their business? It too often seems you couldn’t make out if the person they are looking for is even human! Don’t let that be you or your business!

Johnston IT has high definition cameras that can easily help you identify any person who enters your business. We have experience protecting local businesses and providing footage to the authorities that has lead to prosecutions. You work hard in your business, let Johnston IT work hard for your business!

Wired, wireless and extended network cameras are available to protect your business. Take it a step further and install a customer camera monitor in your business to show your customers they are being watched while in your store!

Residential Security

This is your home. It’s your safe place. It’s where you raise your kids, pets and family. Let’s make sure it’s secure. Are you interested in watching what’s inside your home or outside?

Johnston IT has solutions that are customizable to fit your budget. Wifi cameras can be used to monitor your home from your cellular device. High Definition IP cameras can be installed with a wired set up to monitor your property with central access to a NVR (network video recorder). Cameras are available in 1080p HD, 2k or now 4k resolution for the very best image available on the market today!

Barn Monitoring

Is your barn where your money is? We get it. We grew up with it. Whether it’s calving season, lambing season or kidding season we’ve been there. Johnston IT has experience monitoring barns so that when something happens you know it. Barn cameras are also mobile capable so that as long as you have cell phone service you can see your cameras, all the time. Yup, even at night. All cameras installed by Johnston IT have at least 75ft night vision built in.

Barn set ups are usually made up of the following:

  • NVR & Monitor (Usually located in the home so that you can watch the barn from the warmth of your living room or kitchen without opening your phone)
  • Wireless Antenna (Used to bounce camera feed to the house)
  • POE Switch (Cameras are wired to this device in the barn to receive their power)
  • Camera(s) (Typically barn set ups include four cameras but can have as little as one and usually as many as eight)

If you are tired of those middle of the night trips to the barn give us a call today!

Farm Security

Would you like the ability to know what is happening at your farm all the time? We think you would. Farms usually consist of multiple driveways and even more buildings/shops on the property making it difficult or impossible to cover the whole farm without the use of wireless antennas. Johnston IT knows what is important to you and your farm. We have been there and seen that, then helped the other farmers protect their farm. Give us a call today so we can help protect your property.

Farm set ups made up of the following:

  • NVR & Monitor (We try to put these in your home so that when your sitting down for dinner you can look at the monitor and easily watch the whole farm.
  • Wireless Antenna(s) (These are necessary on each building/location we put cameras in. They give us the ability to add cameras pretty much anywhere without running cable)
  • POE Switch (Anywhere we put an antenna, we will probably install a switch to power up the cameras for that location)
  • Cameras (Most farms can be covered with eight well placed cameras, some larger operations require more cameras to watch more areas.)

Grain Leg Load/Unloads

How do you load? Are you tired of getting in and out of the truck? Is it time to pull up yet? Time to climb that ladder again… or not. Johnston IT has worked with local farmers to put cameras on their grain leg set ups to eliminate the need to get out of your truck when loading the hopper. Install a remote load/unload switch on your leg to complete your set up today! Cameras can be set up to view on iPad/Tablets or iPhone/Androids.